Zeus Suspended Panel

ZEUS Sliding panels can be characterized by having vertical sleepers, like the ones in the image, that gives an elegant and polished touch to the entire room.

Suspended panel with sleepers

Panels have a unique glass where sleepers are secured both front and back, in the same finishing as the outer profiles of the panel. Solutions that already are in the catalogue can be chosen, otherwise, the design of the sleeper can be customized.

Walk-in closet with suspended ZEUS panel

With Doal solutions, it is possible to find the perfect matching between sliding panels that close the closet and the inner equipment, supported by aluminium pillars that are available in the same finishes as the panels ones, matching coat hangers, handles, and hardware.

Dividing inner house spaces

Panels can be made, other than with the 40 glass variations already available, even with ennobled or lacquered panels that have the same finishes of shelves and dressers.

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