Grounded sliding door LIKE

The Like sliding on the ground, with vertical profiles with groove, without handle, ideal for closing closet niches or closets with discretion. You can insert glass of various finishes, transparent, satin, reflective, mirror or lacquered.

Grounded door with aluminium rail

The grounded sliding door LIKE with reflex glass is an ideal solution for closing niches assigned as pantries or storage rooms, thanks to the elegant and reflective effect of the glass, as in the case of this image with the satinized smoke grey version. The copper-finish profiles decisively characterize the composition.

Sliding door LIKE.18

The grounded sliding LIKE.18 is a door with aluminium profiles and ennobled panels that slides on a rail that is placed on the floor. The grounded sliding LIKE.18 door is an ideal solution for closing niches assigned as walk-in closets with sliding doors. The floor mounted rail allows not to load any weight on the ceiling and to choose ennobled door panels that arrive until the floor, with the doors characterized only by the vertical handle profiles, perhaps with a copper painting, as in the example on the image.

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