Sliding suspended door GAIA

In the sliding suspended door GAIA, glass is at the first place, as of furnishing elements. With reflex or satinized glasses, the perimetral aluminium profile remains hidden, for an even more minimalist and elegant appearance.

Door with aluminium wall rail

Sliding suspended door GAIA, with external-wall rail, allows a door to slide on a side wall to open the transfer space. The rail can also be as long as the whole wall for a higher aesthetic harmony, as in the case in this image with a door with brown profiles and smoke grey glass.

A variation that always strikes, with ultra-high glass and aluminium quality

With glass/aluminium doors it is possible to create several matchings choosing from aluminium and glass profiles; in this picture, the brown aluminium profile of GAIA door completely stands out compared to the light reflex glass that looks transparent when the inner room is illuminated, but it reflects when the inner room is dark.

Glass variations available for impressive doors

Sliding suspended door GAIA guarantees very unique aesthetic effects with a reflective glass that makes almost invisible the perimetral mark of the aluminium profile. In this image, brown profiles are hidden by a bronze reflex glass, in a composition with a fixed door in the middle and two sliding doors for the lateral transfer spaces.

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