Suspended Sliding Door TAO

Suspended sliding TAO is a door that, with no aluminium profiles, camouflages itself and leaves the rest of the furniture as the main element. Thanks to the several rail variations it is possible to satisfy all the sliding needs.

Excellent for modern and industrial environments

In modern style environments it is possible to install with a perfect aesthetic harmony a suspended sliding door TAO with smoke grey glass and an Anthracite painted rail, like the one on the image. The Vertical handle, painted the same as the rail, matches in the best way the minimalism of the solution.

The satinized glass variation

The suspended sliding TAO door can be composed of a full glass panel that slides on a full glass fixed panel. In the example in the image, the glass is satinized, to let the light pass through but hiding at the same time the inner environment, while the aluminium rail is anodized silver.

The ideal system for office doors

The suspended sliding TAO system represents an ideal solution also for closing office spaces, thanks to the extreme aesthetic cleanness that the glass used for sliding doors and fixed walls allows for. In the example in the image, the rail is recessed in the false ceiling to hide itself and only leave glass on the whole wall.

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